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This is the Story of the Legend of the Knight Scents

(Ancient Talmud) ... "Happy is he whose craft is that of a perfume maker."
(Psalms 27:9) ... Oil and perfume bring joy to the heart."

In our ancestral land which was once part of the Persian empire, our family was known for dealing with the finest perfumes in the land. Our family surname attests to this, and when translated into English, it means Beautiful,Radiant as well as Sweet Smelling.

The ancient Persian royal class was seriously invested in perfume — so much so that it was common for kings to be pictured with perfume bottles in Persian art. The legendary rulers Darius and Xerxes are shown sitting comfortably with their perfume bottles and holding perfume flowers in their hands. The Persians dominated the perfume trade for hundreds of years, and had the finest fragrances of the world.

During the Renaissance in Medieval Europe, the Knights of the Crusaders, returning from wars in Arabia, brought back their enemies' perfume-making secrets and also perfected the perfume-making process .....

....calling the new creations "Knight Scents"

Our family is now again part of this noble business and Providence allows us to once again offer the best Scents,Service and Values to our Patrons